MovieNight 28th of March "Life Running Out of Control"

There are many movies and documentaries that inspire, amaze or shock. They make you want to act, share or discuss. What better way then to do that with people that share your passion? That’s why One Planet has decided, after a few successful pilots, to start the New Year with a monthly regular movie night. You are invited! Check out more details here.

On the wednesday the 28th of March we will show “Life Running Out of Control”

The film won 12 international awards and is considered the standard work on genetic engineering. Thorough examination of the issues surrounding the genetic manipulation of plants, animals and human beings.
“Life Running Out of Control offers a uniquely wide-ranging international perspective on the science and ethics of genetic engineering. This film carries us on an enlightening journey to India, Norway, and the forests of Colombia, offering inspiring images of resistance and hope amidst the pressing concerns about the science and ethics of GMOs, corporate control of our food, and the patenting of human, animal, and plant life. A must for those who are looking beyond the most immediate health and safety concerns, and seek to understand the wider implications of today’s biotechnologies.”

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