• One Planet Catalogue

    WWF-based rating system for sustainable products and services. Read more… … Read more >

    One Planet Catalogue
  • Forerunners!

    One Planet co-leads a provincial program whereby businesses commit to gradual CO2-neutrality. Read more… … Read more >

  • City Hall Amersfoort

    Renovation of two existing buildings offers a much nicer, cheaper and eco-friendlier new City Hall than demolition! Read more... … Read more >

    City Hall Amersfoort
  • EcoErf Vathorst -> Groenvoort

    12 families want to build a sustainable and social co-housing project. Read further…   … Read more >

    EcoErf Vathorst -> Groenvoort
  • Away from the World

    Marica vd Meer bicycles 28,000 km to Tasmania; how much CO2 does that save over flying? Read more… … Read more >

    Away from the World
  • Footprint Watchers

    A project to help Amersfoort citizens live more sustainably through behavioural change. With practical and affordable examples. Read more... … Read more >

    Footprint Watchers
  • Real Food in the Eemstad

    A project to stimulate the production and consumption of locally-grown biological food in Amersfoort and surroundings. Read more... … Read more >

    Real Food in the Eemstad
  • The Energy Man

    A series of 10 articles in P+ magazine where 'The Energy Man' from One Planet visits and reviews energy-savings projects in noteworthy buildings in The Netherlands. Read more... … Read more >

    The Energy Man
  • Save Park Schothorst!

    A big citizens protest action to stop Amersfoort municipality building houses in Park Schothorst. 5000 people signed up for "Save Park Schothorst!" Read more... … Read more >

    Save Park Schothorst!
  • Flex-Apartments

    Prefab apartment-kit including bathroom and kitchen for transforming offices into living spaces. See more...       … Read more >

  • Light & Fast

    One Planet helps Raf van Hulle to write and translate into English his adventure book about the 12,000 km 2018 Sun Trip-race along the Silk Road on a solar-assisted tandem … Read more >

    Light & Fast
  • The Green Treasure-trail

    A fun treasure-trail for children. Read more… … Read more >

    The Green Treasure-trail
  • Solar Velo

    A new machine to beat all records in the Sun Trip race to China? Read more... … Read more >

    Solar Velo
  • Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve

    Helping Cape Winelands Biosphere in South Africa with conservancy in ecologically stressed areas. Read more… … Read more >

    Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve
  • ‘De-forestation free’ product claims

    UN-project to substantiate 'de-forestation' claims on products like palm oil and soya. Read more... … Read more >

    ‘De-forestation free’ product claims
  • Bicycle park Satellite-C

    A much cheaper and better plan to park 7500 bicycles on Stationsplaza Amersfoort along the railway line. Read more… … Read more >

    Bicycle park Satellite-C
  • Link UN-goals to business products

    UN-project to link environmental impact of products to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Read more... … Read more >

    Link UN-goals to business products
  • Carpet recycling

    A feasibility study for recycling waste carpet tiles in Amersfoort. Read more… … Read more >

    Carpet recycling
  • Ecologica 2018

    A symposium of 75 climate, ecology, biology, demography and energy experts, authors and participants at One Planet. Read more... … Read more >

    Ecologica 2018
  • NME-program

    One Planet is joint leader with the municipality of Amersfoort for a series of local sustainability projects. … Read more >

  • Pancake Safari’s

    Children make bicycle tours around local farms to collect milk, eggs and flour. They learn where these foods come from then have a nice time cooking and eating their pancakes. Read more... … Read more >

    Pancake Safari’s
  • Future Vision Station-plaza

    One Planet sees great opportunities for Stationsplein Amersfoort as attraction for the city – vibrant, green, diverse, safe and welcoming! See more... … Read more >

    Future Vision Station-plaza
  • Eiffel Financial Challenge

    A competition for finance students to build the best business case for low-carbon living. Read more… … Read more >

    Eiffel Financial Challenge
  • Solar Explorer

    Explore the world on a solar-driven tandem-bicycle! Read more... … Read more >

    Solar Explorer
  • Living Walls

    Simple cork-&-plant panels to renovate and insulate old facades for half the 'normal' price. Read more ...  … Read more >

    Living Walls
  • Sustainable transformation

    One Planet can help you transform your old building,  looking at all aspects of sustainability. Every initiative starts with a dream. Then you translate this step-by-step into a concrete design, … Read more >

    Sustainable transformation
  • Projects for a sustainable world

    If we want our children to inherit a healthy world, we need to move quickly to an eco-friendly lifestyle with 80% fewer CO2-emissions. By choosing carefully what we buy, adopting healthier diets and … Read more >

    Projects for a sustainable world
  • Partner for innovation & sustainability

    One Planet likes innovative projects that reduce fossil fuels and CO2-emissions and contribute to what the WWF calls 'One Planet Living'. At our offices in Amersfoort in The Netherlands, we … Read more >

    Partner for innovation & sustainability
  • Incubator for your project

    Do you have a good idea for sustainability? Perhaps you can realise your dream together with One Planet? We have done this many times. Look at our wide portfolio of over 70 projects: … Read more >

    Incubator for your project


One Planet Foundation promotes sustainability. We are a not-for-profit organisation of volunteers and have no paid staff. People and companies who want to join our projects donate their own time, money and materials and get a stake in the project if it goes to market. Sometimes we receive a subsidy for a specific project, then we hire in people to do the work for us. We pioneer new initiatives without taking big risks ourselves. We stay small and keep internal costs very low. Since 2006 we have run over 74 projects big and small and done much to encourage sustainability. Click Projects!


To promote low-carbon living and work for a sustainable future for our children.