• City Hall Amersfoort

    Renovation of two existing buildings offers a much nicer, cheaper and eco-friendlier new City Hall than demolition! Read more... … Read more >

    City Hall Amersfoort
  • Solar Explorer

    Explore the world on a solar-driven tandem-bicycle! Read more... … Read more >

    Solar Explorer
  • Bicycle park Satellite-C

    A much cheaper and better plan to park 7500 bicycles on Stationsplaza Amersfoort along the railway line. Read more… … Read more >

    Bicycle park Satellite-C
  • Light & Fast

    One Planet helps Raf van Hulle to write and translate into English his adventure book about the 12,000 km 2018 Sun Trip-race along the Silk Road on a solar-assisted tandem … Read more >

    Light & Fast
  • Future Vision Station-plaza

    One Planet sees great opportunities for Stationsplein Amersfoort as attraction for the city – vibrant, green, diverse, safe and welcoming! See more... … Read more >

    Future Vision Station-plaza
  • Save Park Schothorst!

    A big citizens protest action to stop Amersfoort municipality building houses in Park Schothorst. 5000 people signed up for "Save Park Schothorst!" Read more... … Read more >

    Save Park Schothorst!
  • Ecologica 2018

    A symposium of 75 climate, ecology, biology, demography and energy experts, authors and participants at One Planet. Read more... … Read more >

    Ecologica 2018
  • Flex-Apartments

    Prefab apartment-kit including bathroom and kitchen for transforming offices into living spaces. See more...       … Read more >

  • Footprint Watchers

    A project to help Amersfoort citizens live more sustainably through behavioural change. With practical and affordable examples. Read more... … Read more >

    Footprint Watchers
  • ‘De-forestation free’ product claims

    UN-project to substantiate 'de-forestation' claims on products like palm oil and soya. Read more... … Read more >

    ‘De-forestation free’ product claims
  • Forerunners!

    One Planet co-leads a provincial program whereby businesses commit to gradual CO2-neutrality. Read more… … Read more >

  • Carpet recycling

    A feasibility study for recycling waste carpet tiles in Amersfoort. Read more… … Read more >

    Carpet recycling
  • Real Food in the Eemstad

    A project to stimulate the production and consumption of locally-grown biological food in Amersfoort and surroundings. Read more... … Read more >

    Real Food in the Eemstad
  • Away from the World

    Marica vd Meer bicycles 28,000 km to Tasmania; how much CO2 does that save over flying? Read more… … Read more >

    Away from the World
  • Pancake Safari’s

    Children make bicycle tours around local farms to collect milk, eggs and flour. They learn where these foods come from then have a nice time cooking and eating their pancakes. Read more... … Read more >

    Pancake Safari’s
  • Eiffel Financial Challenge

    A competition for finance students to build the best business case for low-carbon living. Read more… … Read more >

    Eiffel Financial Challenge
  • The Green Treasure-trail

    A fun treasure-trail for children. Read more… … Read more >

    The Green Treasure-trail
  • EcoErf Vathorst -> Groenvoort

    12 families want to build a sustainable and social co-housing project. Read further…   … Read more >

    EcoErf Vathorst -> Groenvoort
  • NME-program

    One Planet is joint leader with the municipality of Amersfoort for a series of local sustainability projects. … Read more >

  • Link UN-goals to business products

    UN-project to link environmental impact of products to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Read more... … Read more >

    Link UN-goals to business products
  • The Energy Man

    A series of 10 articles in P+ magazine where 'The Energy Man' from One Planet visits and reviews energy-savings projects in noteworthy buildings in The Netherlands. Read more... … Read more >

    The Energy Man
  • Solar Velo

    A new machine to beat all records in the Sun Trip race to China? Read more... … Read more >

    Solar Velo
  • Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve

    Helping Cape Winelands Biosphere in South Africa with conservancy in ecologically stressed areas. Read more… … Read more >

    Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve
  • One Planet Catalogue

    WWF-based rating system for sustainable products and services. Read more… … Read more >

    One Planet Catalogue
  • Living Walls

    Simple cork-&-plant panels to renovate and insulate old facades for half the 'normal' price. Read more ...  … Read more >

    Living Walls
  • Sustainable transformation

    One Planet can help you transform your old building,  looking at all aspects of sustainability. Every initiative starts with a dream. Then you translate this step-by-step into a concrete design, … Read more >

    Sustainable transformation
  • Projects for a sustainable world

    If we want our children to inherit a healthy world, we need to move quickly to an eco-friendly lifestyle with 80% fewer CO2-emissions. By choosing carefully what we buy, adopting healthier diets and … Read more >

    Projects for a sustainable world
  • Partner for innovation & sustainability

    One Planet likes innovative projects that reduce fossil fuels and CO2-emissions and contribute to what the WWF calls 'One Planet Living'. At our offices in Amersfoort in The Netherlands, we … Read more >

    Partner for innovation & sustainability
  • Incubator for your project

    Do you have a good idea for sustainability? Perhaps you can realise your dream together with One Planet? We have done this many times. Look at our wide portfolio of over 70 projects: … Read more >

    Incubator for your project


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