One Planet started from the kitchen table in 2005 with one person and one project EcoVilla. In 2006 we found space in an old government building at Stationsplein 16 in Amersfoort, opposite the station, and grew gradually. In 2012, One Planet had 35 people working on sustainability projects.


Our activities in Stationsplein 16 ended one night in April 2012 when the building was destroyed by an arsonist’s fire. All our workspaces, meeting rooms, roof garden and facilities were lost. Because of asbestos we could not re-enter the building. One Planet shrank back to three employees and found temporarily accommodation in the Law Courts beside us in Stationsplein 14


One Planet then rented space in ‘The Gymnasium’ on the Barchman Wuytierslaan (below) and worked hard on two projects, Business Garden and Eemstroom, to earn new revenue so One Planet could grow again.

Eemstroom: an energy company grew to 220 customers. Then we separated it from One Planet, with its own offices and staff in Vathorst.

 Business Garden: € 9.5 million renovation of the old building Stationsplein 14-16, where One Planet was housed until the fire in 2012. One Planet formed a partnership with a local builder-developer for the financing and construction of this project. In 2015 we gained plan-approval from the municipality of Amersfoort and contracted tenants for 60% of the spaces. See project: Business Garden https://www.oneplanet.org/en/project/business-garden/ 


One Planet returned to its former location Stationsplein 16, under a Real Estate Protection Contract with the government. The government had cleaned up the asbestos after the fire and installed temporary services on the ground floor offices. We restored our Roof Garden and continued work on the big Business Garden project


These were difficult years for One Planet. We lost money on three projects - Eemstroom, Business Garden, Kit Houses - and had to write off our investments. We learned a lot and changed tactics to survive. We cut back on all operating costs and shifted to working in coalitions where each partner invests his own time and money and takes a slice of the pie when a project goes to market.


2017-2020 found One Planet looking for a new future. Amersfoort municipality bought Stationsplein 14-16. One Planet made a new design for FlexApartments with a coalition of Dutch partners and later sold it to a building company. We took part in some new UN-projects, started a solar bike project and supported an initiative to preserve a park

2021: The pandemic has taught us that One Planet can function as a parttime online network. For the last 15 years we had a central office in Amersfoort but since October 2021 we have given this up. Now we only come together when a project or discussions require this. If you click on Projects, you can see what we are currently working on


One Planet started at the kitchen table in 2005 with the goal of promoting sustainability. In the last 15 years we have run over 74 projects.