New City Hall Amersfoort

New City Hall Amersfoort

The municipality of Amersfoort recently indicated in local newspapers that they want to tear down the existing building on Stationsplein 14-16 and erect on this site a huge new 14-storey city hall.

Based on our knowledge of sustainable construction and our practical experience of this location, One Planet Foundation – together with local residents – opposes this plan and believes that the renovation of this building and another nearby building, both of which have been largely vacant for the last ten years, offers a much more sustainable, cheaper and nicer solution! Our low-rise alternative offers many advantages: not only for local residents and for pedestrians and cyclists on the busy Stationsplein, but for all citizens of Amersfoort. Here are some sketches of our alternative city hall, using the two existing buildings connected by a sky-walkway, which will provide top quality and very attractive offices and public meeting spaces for the council’s 1100 workers and visitors.

On Thursday 21 March 2019, One Planet and the architectural firm ASK presented these alternative ideas during a public information evening. Around 35 guests came to our presentation, including the Council members from four different political parties, the municipal project manager for Stationsplein and many residents of De Berg suburb, among others. You can see our presentation by clicking on this link: Duurzaam Stadhuis Amersfoort 22-3-2019  A lively and in-depth discussion followed.


  • Citizens – Stand up and make yourself heard! Claim your rights in the development process of your own city!
  • Councillors – Start behaving like the client who is boss! Live up to your role as representatives of the citizens of Amersfoort and exert your position as controllers above the aldermen and civil servants. Don’t agree too quickly with their plans!
  • Municipality – Close the gap and find a partnership with the citizens who pay all your salaries and plans! Engage with citizens from the start of new developments. Testcase for a new partnership: Amersfoort City Hall!

Below: what the municipality’s concrete block would look like if their plan was implemented…

… seen from Berkenweg

… seen from Regentesselaan