In 2019, many local citizen organisations were willing to support and participate in this initiative for education and behavioural change of the citizens of Amersfoort, as part of a broad coalition, provided that the municipality also participated as a partner. But the municipality was not interested in anything outside its own nailed-up coalition program, and One Planet saw no way to lead and bear the investment and responsibility for an ambitious and innovative project alone. That is why, to the disappointment of all parties, we stopped this initiative.


  1. Help Amersfoort citizens to live more sustainably, especially through behavioral change.
  2. Provide practical and affordable examples.
  3. Make an important contribution to Amersfoort 2030 CO2-neutral.


One Planet Foundation (co-leader) and the municipality (co-leader) in collaboration with:

  • The Humanist Association and the Union of Green Churches, both with broad membership bases
  • Stichting DAZ, Duurzame Soesterkwartier and other local sustainability initiatives
  • The Green House, as a project location and education center
  • Climate Conversations Foundation, with a proven program of living room sustainability workshops
  • LIFT Foundation in Utrecht, expert in training coaches of sustainability workshops
  • Scientists such as Babette Porcelijn in Amsterdam, author of “The Hidden Impact”


More than 80% of the CO2 emissions and environmental impact of the citizens of Amersfoort is caused by his behavioral choices: eating and drinking, buying stuff, consuming materials, flying and so on. (This we see now during corona!) The municipality largely ignores these ‘indirect’ aspects of sustainability, because they are seen as interference in the private sphere and choices of life of the citizen, and outside the scope of the municipality. The municipality therefore limits itself to direct energy consumption, electricity and gas consumption for homes, fuel for mobility etc. But if you want to take responsibility for the future of our city and children, and make Amersfoort CO2-neutral by 2030, then you must certainly tackle the biggest causes of CO2 emissions. We cannot ignore it any longer: the personal choices and behaviour of our 160,000 citizens are the main route to a sustainable municipality. Moreover, awareness and behavioral factors are the starting point for, and the key determinants of, the consumption of direct energy that the municipality is working on. An integrated and educational approach with citizens and municipalities working together as partners is therefore essential.



Paul Heistein, Tel: 06-52401947

Stichting One Planet, Stationsplein 16, 3818 LE Amersfoort.