Living Walls

Living Walls

One Planet has developed a simple cork-and-plant panel 100 x 140 cm,  with which the facades of old buildings can be renovated for about 1/3rd of the price of conventional ‘high-tech’ systems. Two birds with one stone; insulation + green in one solution. It attaches easily with no preparation whatever to the wall, the plant trays can be added and removed quickly and the watering system is simple and works well.

We developed this for our energy-neutral renovation project Business Garden (see under Projects.) The facades and roof are covered with 100 mm cork and with plants. The cork tiles come from Portugal, where cork is a by-product from agriculture. The plants are good for air quality, cooling, biodiversity and city-farming. Green walls on the Dutch market cost about € 500-600 / m2, which is far too expensive for a project the size of Business Garden. One Planet was looking for a solution for under €200/m2 so we experimented with various solutions then came up with this one which is simple, robust, easy to attach and is quite cheap.



The panels screw directly onto the old brick walls and attach easily and firmly with one pass of the drill. We tried different methods of fastening then found a special and simple bolt which works very effectively.

The boys at work!

Martin (above) looking proud of himself!

Above: The plant trays can be hung anywhere; easy to attach and remove for harvesting. Below: some of our early experiments.

Below: the 100 x 1000 x 1400 mm cork tiles

Below: the watering system was installed by Albert Jan Kerssen and his admiring daughter!

Below; this type was not very successful and we soon abandoned it…

Adam supplied the metalwork for some of our trial pieces…