The Green Treasure-trail

The Green Treasure-trail

In 2009, Amersfoort celebrated her 750th anniversary since the city received official rights from the bishop in Utrecht. A festival was organised for this birthday. One of the organizing parties, Stichting ANYtime, asked One Planet to build something inspiring about sustainability. To do this,  One Planet formed a partnership with the consultancy company DHV and they jointly decided to build a fun educational activity for children around the theme: Footprint.

This was very successful. We ran it for a week in a circus tent of 120 m2, manned by One Planet and DHV employees. By completing different sustainability challenges, children gained 14 stamps in their Green Passport to win tasty prizes!

The Green Treasure-hunt taught 120 children about sustainability. The festival organisation, Parade, even invited One Planet to make a permanent exhibition of our attraction, and travel around the Netherlands and neighbouring countries with the festival. However, One Planet did not have the time or resources to make a permanent feature of it. One week of unpaid time from our employees was all we could afford on this project.

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