Link UN goals to business products

Link UN goals to business products

One Planet is participating with an international coalition of partners who are working to link the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of 2030 to the practical and measurable environmental and social impacts of products made by businesses. This will enable businesses to develop more environmentally and socially friendly products and services and show directly how they contribute to the UN-goals.

The problem is that three years after publication, the UN-goals are still not widely implemented in business practice, because none of the 169 Climate indicators developed for governments and NGO’s are usable in a practical way for business. The UN-goals focus too much on abstract high-level policies and subsidies, and these need to be reinterpreted in ways that link them to the practical and measurable lifecycle impacts of products.

A series of projects is therefore underway, with One Planet as lead contractor and with PRé Consultants in Amersfoort and 2.0 LCA consultants in Denmark, to develop a clear link between the top-down UN Sustainable Development Goals and all the bottom-up knowledge, data and methodology used in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments. This will allow businesses to measure and report on their contribution to the SDGs.

One of the One Planet Board members, Mark Goedkoop, has extensive specialist knowledge of Life Cycle Analysis and this enables One Planet to act as the lead-NGO in the international project coalition. The project fits well with the mission of One Planet and PRé and 2.0 LCA are global leaders with many years of experience in the specialised field of Life Cycle Assessments. Together we are proud to work for the noble and very important UN Environmental Program.

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