One Planet Catalogue

One Planet Catalog

Ed, Dagmar and Paul, three entrepreneurs with a heart for sustainability, wanted to build a new web-version of the old Whole Earth Catalog from 1969, in which products are offered for sale, that will help a person to achieve a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle. We needed first to build a filtering process that separates the ‘chaff from the corn’, based on the WNF 10 Principles of One Planet Living. WNF International in Glans, Switzerland was enthusiastic about this ambition. A collaboration agreement was signed in 2008 between One Planet and WWF International to develop a rating system that extracts or selects out the 20% most sustainable products and offers them in an online catalog. Our goal was a modern version of the old Whole Earth Catalog of 1969 that was so popular with the Hippy Generation in America. We’d call ours the One Planet Catalogue, but use the same symbols and style, showing a fragile earth in the darkness of space. Steve Jobs even mentioned his love for the old Catalogue in his graduation address at Stanford university. He called it a ‘Bible of his generation’ and we had exactly the same goals. So, together with WWF International, we were planning to invite Steve Jobs to join us in creating a modern version of this Catalogue; see 12.58 minutes in

Paul formulated the ambition,  started up the project and provided offices and infrastructure from One Planet, and Ed and Dagmar went to work on it full-time. They invested their own time and money and built up an ever-larger team of subject experts. After a while they merged our Catalogue team with People4Earth from Harderwijk, who were financed and led by the entrepreneur Nico Broersen. His team also moved into our building and One Planet became a lively hub filled with highly educated people from many nationalities, all fired-up with passion and green ideals. They formed a new company under the name People4Earth and – when fire destroyed our building in 2012 – left and went independent of One Planet.

One Planet Foundation was happy to have fulfilled her role as a catalyst, initiator and nursery for a new sustainability initiative. One Planet is at her best at the innovative front end of the process.