(Virtual) Team 2022

Since 2006 One Planet had a central office and staff in Stationsplein Amersfoort. In October 2021 we gave this up and have no more payroll costs. The corona pandemic taught us that we can work as an online network and come together only when a project requires us to meet or set up a new team.

Paul Heistein
Director       paul.heistein


Justin Pagden

Auke de Vor

Paula Veenendaal

Chris Bernasco

Olivier Bos

Ron Berg
Social projects

Ingolf Kruseman


Bill Dunster
Founder ZEDfactory

Mark Goedkoop
Founder Pre-consult


Paul Heistein
Founder OnePlanet


Old team members

No picture of One Planet is complete without mentioning some former colleagues who worked with us for several years ...

Babette Gerwig
Office manager 2006-2011

JanPeter Kortenoeven
Accountant 2008-2012

Old Board members

Bertus Bove 2011-2014
Founder Alterim 

Dirk Zijp 2011-2014
Retired engineer DHV


Marjolein Demmers, 2006-2010,
Directeur CSR

Robert de Graaf, 2006-2010, Partner ORG-id,

Gert ter Avest, 2006-2010,
Manager finance Enexis,

Team Essent

These people helped to launch One Planet in 2006. Our first project, EcoVilla, was funded by the Essent BMAP Fund that was established for CO2 reductions. After this, One Planet took part in some sustainability projects at Essent; Carbon Management Plan, Climate Group, Green Golf, The Energy Man, Sustainable Minds and Green IT. During the first four years of One Planet, Gert ter Avest was a member of the Board. Thank you Essent!

Team ORG-id

Robert de Graaf, partner of ORG-id, was involved with One Planet from the first hour and was on the Board for the first four years. He moved his team to One Planet, where we shared offices for the first five years. When ORG-id moved to a new location, they left behind their office furniture and equipment for One Planet. ORG-ID and One Planet also worked together on project Park Schothorst and together made a study trip to CAT in Wales and Eden Project in Cornwall. Thank you ORG-id!

Team Matchpoint

Carin Kampman, Director of Matchpoint, brought her team of six ladies to One Planet in 2011 - then in the formation shown below. Since then we have shared the same building and helped each other on projects Business Garden, Roof Garden and Energy Co-operative Amersfoort. After the fire in 2012 forced us from our building on Stationsplein, we have moved together three times! Thank you Matchpoint!

Team People-4-Earth

Dagmar Janousek, Ed Monchen and Paul Heistein started the One Planet Catalog project together. Later, investor Nico Broersen took over this project from One Planet and moved his own team from Harderwijk to merge with the One Planet project in Amersfoort. The combined team of about 12-14 people was called People-4-Earth and worked at One Planet for three years from 2010-2012. It was a dynamic and energetic team of young people of very diverse nationalities. This envigorating and enjoyable period was brought to an abrupt end by the fire in our building in 2012. People-4-Earth then moved back to Harderwijk and later to Utrecht. One Planet still misses her lovely friends!

Team Groenadvies

Albert Jan Kerssen of Bureau GreenAdvice saw opportunities in a "green team" with One Planet and in 2011 moved into the One Planet building at Stationsplein 16. He and Justin Pagden of One Planet together built the Roof Garden project. Albert Jan also contributed to the Business Garden project and wrote a book on roof gardens. After the fire in 2012, Bureau GreenAdvice moved twice with One Planet. Eventually, he merged his business with a larger organization. Good luck and thanks Albert Jan!

Team Impact Reporters

 Impact Reporters worked in the One Planet building for three years. During that time we produced together a series of about ten articles called "The Energy Man" for P+ magazine.  These reported on sustainable buildings and projects - see Project: Energieman. Impact Reporters specializes in communications on energy, water and nutrition. In 2016 they left their shared offices at One Planet in order to grow further in their own office spaces in Amersfoort. We wish you lots of success Impact Reporters! 

Team Energiecoöperatie Amersfoort

Team Energy Cooperative Amersfoort (ECA) was started at One Planet by One Planet, Matchpoint and Smart Meter Solutions, and worked in our building for two years. Later, ECA was spun off as a separate new company and moved to its own offices in Vathorst.  

Team TwoProfit

Hemmo Hemmes cherished the desire to build a network of sustainable entrepreneurs in Amersfoort, who together share a workplace and professional knowledge. He therefore established TwoProfit in 2014, with the aim of contributing to the successful completion of the Business Garden project, and finding a future in it for TwoProfit. Unfortunately, the Business Garden funding fell apart just before the start in 2016.  TwoProfit then moved with their six partners to their own office elsewhere in Amersfoort. But if Business Garden succeeds in the future, Hemmo is the first party we will welcome back!  

Team Business Garden

Business Garden has been by far the biggest and most ambitious project One Planet has engaged on. To realize a unique project like this, one needs many people and skills: tenants, investors, municipality, architects, developers, tax and subsidy experts, real estate managers, green advisors, installation engineers, project managers, administration etc. But you also need a dreamer who wants something out of the ordinary - and that is the role of One Planet!

Why do these people join One Planet and her Business Garden ambition? Because we strive for something very special – the leading example of sustainable transformation in the Netherlands! And an icon for the city of Amersfoort!

Team Commundo

 Commundo worked for three years in One Planet's premises. She organized volunteers and interns for development projects in other countries. Commundo and One Planet worked together to send a team of young Dutch students to work on a sustainable energy project in India. 

Team Argaia

Argaia worked for one year in One Planet's premises. During this time we collaborated on a seminar on Green-IT (less CO2 emissions from data centers) and on the Solar Explorer project. 

Team INS-net

Before the fire, INS worked for two years in One Planet's building. INS disseminates information on sustainable development. 






One Planet is a platform where sustainability ideas can be developed into new products and services.