What we do

What we do

One Planet is an incubator for sustainability projects. By attracting partners and funding, we develop new products and services and take them to market.

  • Define what you want: Make a preliminary drawing, design or proposal for the new product or service. What problem will it solve? Who will benefit? A realistic goal will attract time and money.
  • Find support: Look for people, companies and sponsors who will invest time and money to develop the idea with us. Find a common interest, define a joint goal, agree on roles and who will do what.
  • Create a project: together with our partners, define a SMART project: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely. Then the team gets started.
  • Develop a design: Design the prototype and make a preliminary costing.
  • Launching customer: With a potential customer, build the first prototype. Often, One Planet invests time and the partners pay for materials and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Build a prototype: build the first example of the new product or service. This shows the sponsor and potential customers that it works.
  • Go to market: with a coalition of partners, start building and delivering the new sustainable product or service. Create a new company or license it out for others to build.

One Planet tries to recapture or capitalise on her investment after each initiative, so we can move on to start new projects.


One Planet develops ideas into new products and services.