Inspiratie wereld is koud!
Het is de snelheid van klimaatverandering die zo gevaarlijk is, niet de hogere temperaturen zelf
De olifant in de kamer
Gedragsverandering is 4x belangrijker dan alle groene technologieën bij het realiseren van een duurzame toekomst voor onze kinderen
Ecologische Voetafdruk
Een lezing bij One Planet over Ecologische Voetafdruk
Dit dappere schoolmeisje inspireert ons allemaal! Wat een held!
The Better Angels of our Nature
The world is now a more peaceful and empathetic place than it has ever been in the history of mankind
An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore's film brought global warming onto the world stage. It was a watershed, like Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was it its time
Neil Armstrong
Described what it was like standing on the moon looking into the emptiness of space, and how special that 'little blue pea' is that we call earth...
Milo and the Magic Stones
A child's story with an adult message
FAO: Lifestock's Long Shadow
Forget solar panels; eating a little less meat has 100 x more effect in reducing global CO2 emissions! No investment or delay required!
A Green Giant
How to transform a take-make-waste industry that's totally dependent on fossils, into a business that leads the world with 'Mission Zero' environmental impact
The SAN bushman
For the last 160,000 years, the most sustainable people on earth
Why are Dutch houses so expensive?
This house in The Netherlands is 42% more expensive than the exact same house in Germany. Why?
De Groei Voorbij
When further economic growth impacts negatively on quality of life then it's time for Dutch society to think beyond GDP
Bill Dunster and ZEDfactory
Architects who understand sustainability and were in it before all the others climbed onto the bandwagon of greenwashing...
Project Perspectief van VROM
This little-known project is the most inspiring and important we ever met
*Jeanine Schreurs and Stichting LIFT
A superb message, based on Jeanine's doctoral research, about being happy living with less
*Limits To Growth
Remember the Club of Rome? Well, 30 years later, their message rings truer than ever...
*The Man and his Ways
Does a simple peasant in Zimbabwe understand more about land than all the realtors on earth?
*WWF Living Planet Report
A great biannual report giving us like no other, the State of the Planet
*Peter Harper and CAT
The man in the shadows; quiet backbone of a pioneering organisation
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