Climate Group

In 2009 One Planet had good contacts with four large Dutch companies, who are each leaders in their fields and do not compete with each other. One Planet therefore initiated, prepared and led a series of meetings between these companies with the goal of sharing best practices on sustainability and carbon management. Essent sponsored Paul Heistein’s work on this effort. We called this the “Climate Group” and chose a different focus topic for each meeting (e.g. engaging employees, transport, buildings…) Interface, although the smallest of the four, was by far the most advanced in sustainability and had huge and even unique experience in turning a company around to make it more sustainable with a lower impact on the environment (Interface can in this regard, really be called a global pioneer.) Each of these Dutch companies were determined to become leaders in environmental practices and strengthen their ‘bottom line’ by doing so.

We wanted to select the best projects and policies from any member, that could be applied quickly in the Dutch operations of all the members. We could exchange expertise, learn from each other and avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. One Planet was the organizer and facilitator of Climate Group, but when Essent was taken over by the large German company RWE, people became more concerned with the internal reorganisation and the retention of their jobs and attention for Climate Group dwindled. Climate Group had made a good start but then fell apart. One Planet was too small to continue the Climate Group effort alone, without the support of a sponsor.